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In another report, citizens are scared of the radiation from mobile tower in Andheri. In the past five years, more than 15 housewives living in Sher-e-Punjab colony in Andheri (East) have suffered from various forms of cancer. Although there is no proof of a direct link, residents are drawing parallels between the appearance of the first cancer case and the installation of the first mobile phone tower in the society nearly seven years ago. Based on a Hindustan Times report.

Neha Kumar, who has been studying the biological effects of mobile phone towers, said, “All these women don't have any family history of cancer. Plus, all of them are within a certain radius of those mobile towers. All this is not a coincidence.”

So how do we minimise the damage in view of such grave consequences. The report adds , “While talking on mobile, keep calls short or send a text message (SMS). This advice should be especially relevant keeping in mind the children, adolescents and pregnant women” said the report.  The advice should be printed in the user manual by handset manufacturers. “Whenever possible, use cellphone when the signal quality is good. People having active medical implants should keep their cellphone at least 30 cm away from the implant” said the report.

Many a times we find ourselves complaining of bad network in certain areas. Mobile companies raise towers at every nook and corner to beat each other at network coverage. Are we compromising our health for better mobile connections?


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