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Tumor immunologist Dr. Ronald B. Herberman, Director of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, is the last in a recent succession of authorities that are speaking out publicly about the potential dangers of cell phones.  

Dr. Herberman's complete article , which was sent out with his advisory, includes a summary analysis of the recent studies that form the basis of his decision to issue precautionary measures. It also includes this illustration, showing just how much higher the absorption rates are in a 5- and 10-year old's brain versus that of an adult. It's an impressive visual, showing how electromagnetic radiation can penetrate almost straight through the entire brain of a 5-year old child!
“Although the evidence is still controversial, I am convinced that there are sufficient data to warrant issuing an advisory to share some precautionary advice on cell phone use,” says Dr. Herberman. I couldn't agree more. As far as I'm concerned, the signs that we're looking at a major public health problem are overwhelming. 
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