Some people recommend that in order to escape from the harmful effects of Mobile Phone Radiation it is better to follow the following:

Do not use mobile phone at all.

Reduce the amount of time spent using mobile phones.
Use speaker mode or a headset to place more distance between your head and Cellphone.
Is it possible in this modern world to avoid or reduce the usage of cell Phones which people has become addicted to or is it possible to use speaker mode always ? Headsets keep the phone away from the Brain but a holster or belt clip just moves the radiation down to the waist.

After considerable research we have found out that certain earth minerals have the capability to successfully harmonize the Radiation (EMF) and reduce the heating of the mobile phones while in use.

We have employed this unique mineral technology plus scalar technology in creating the most need of the hour product RADISAFE which protects us from the harmful effects of mobile phone radiation.

RADISAFE is undoubtedly the most effective product of its kind as it does not interfere with the signal strength nor jam the calls.

One can be confident that RADISAFE when attached to the Mobile Phone can protect us from the harmful effects of Radiation based on the certificates given by the World's renowned electronics testing laboratory and other reputed institutions.

Although one cannot feel radiation directly they can definitely appreciate the reduction in heating of the ears upon using RADISAFE as felt by many users worldwide. Since heating is because of the EMR only we can safely assume that they are indirectly feeling the reduction of EMR itself.

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